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Getting your business through COVID-19

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COVID-19 will disrupt your innovation process, but maybe innovation can disrupt COVID-19

With the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, businesses and markets worldwide are taking a major hit. While the health of every individual remains the priority, those of us attempting to maintain innovation efforts face tremendous challenges.

We've compiled resources on how to keep your business moving, how to build resiliency, and how to combat an isolated workforce. We've also pulled together thought pieces from our analysts on how we can impact this pandemic with digital tools and innovation. Check back often for freshly published research.

Lux is here to help, so reach out with questions or to speak to an analyst. Our employees are online, working remote from around the world.

Resources and Updates on COVID-19

Questions Clients Are Asking

Inquiry - Productivity

Sample questions our clients are asking

What tools are available for online collaboration, workshopping, and brainstorming?

How will the current state retool workplace and education?

What is the current state of lights-out manufacturing initiatives such as those by Philips and Ericson?

How long before manufacturing can run autonomously and without direct human oversight?

How do we continue innovating across digital channels?

What tools can help keep R&D moving?

When will virtual reality be able to really replace traveling to conferences and meetings; how can we invest in products and services to reduce reliance on commuting and travel?

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Inquiry - Industry Questions


What future adjustments to supply chains might businesses enact to reduce future vulnerability to 'black swan' events like the spread of the virus? 

How is this virus going to change medicine?

With the reduction of travel and production and the recent changes in oil production, the world is seeing very low oil prices. How will this affect my renewable energy strategy? Should I temporize my investments in renewable energy?

Within the automotive sector, which regions will be most impacted by the coronavirus?

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