ChatGPT: The Emerging CXO

Shriram Ramanathan

Shriram Ramanathan, Ph.D.

Vice President and Group Director

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Naveen Krishnamurthy

Naveen Krishnamurthy

Vice President, Executive Partners

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Nearly a decade after Big Data entered C-level conversations at conferences and leadership retreats, corporate boards are increasingly asking themselves whether the C-level has yet fully exploited data to derive nontrivial insights. While AI is more often coming up as a recourse for chief experience officers (CXOs) to address competitive dynamics, regulatory activism, vendor negotiation, customer experience, and more, seasoned board directors are asking larger questions. Can data-driven insights — of the kind made available freely by GPT-4 — truly guide the course of the corporate enterprise today? 

GPT-4 has unleashed an element of creativity in traditional AI: AI can now be leveraged to tackle systems-level innovations that are prerequisite to tackle hard problems like climate change. Given the promise of far-reaching implications, corporate boards want to know: 

  • Can GPT-4 accelerate R&D success for a large, leading manufacturer of polyethylene terephthalate?  
  • How could GPT-4 shorten time-to-market for a new energy drink?
  • In which large, industrialized city will residential customers disrupt the traditional utility model by leveraging GPT-4 to unshackle themselves from the monopoly of their electric utility?    

Join us in this dialogue to read the tea leaves, build a narrative, and gain the confidence you need as you engage in CXO conversations on GPT-4 and the emerging role of the Chief Insights Officer. 

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