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The Lux Foresight Report: Implications and Innovations in a Post-COVID World

Presenters: Michael Holman, Ph.D., VP, Manufacturing and Materials and Kevin Pang, Ph.D., MBA, VP, Technology Innovation and Strategy at Lux Research

Like all cataclysms, the COVID-19 pandemic has left an indelible mark on our landscape Brick and mortar storefronts saw increased vulnerability due to shutdowns, small businesses needed to either innovate or die, and consumer product companies discovered AI potentialities in selling direct to consumers. Additionally, the public witnessed first-hand how just many landfill materials accumulated on their front steps from all their Amazon packaging, and the healthcare ecosystem, after decades of cost rationalization, realized how vulnerable to shocks they are. Infectious disease, once a sleepy biotech backwater, is now hot and spawning a new generation mRNA platform technology. Telemedicine, once just a theoretical practice, is now standard in the medical industry. These changes among others have changed the trajectory of modern technology. The progression of some technologies has been delayed while the pandemic is starting to resolve, while others have disappeared in favor of new alternatives. At the same time, new and unanticipated technologies have burst forward.   

In this webinar, we discuss what we think are the best new technologies to look out for in 2022 as we approach a post-COVID world. 

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Presenter: Kevin Pang, Vice President at Lux Research

Kevin is a Vice President, Technology Innovation and Strategy at Lux Research. Kevin is a fanatic about innovation and identifying ways to help Lux’s clients better innovate. To Kevin, innovation is about forcing technology convergence through the asking of new and creative questions. Kevin and the various teams he has led at Lux help our clients find new investable ideas, technologies, partners, markets, and strategies for new growth. Under his leadership, Kevin and his teams built and launched the life science advisory practices at Lux and he most recently served as the global head of Lux’s consulting practice.

Kevin has more than 25 years of industry experience in innovation; first in conducting and leading biotechnology R&D in two companies, one which was acquired and the other IPO, then in pharmaceutical strategic market access intelligence, healthcare IT, and here at Lux, in energy, materials, and life sciences technology strategy innovation. He has served as VP of Product at Decision Resources, a leading pharmaceutical market research and intelligence company helping the world’s top 50 pharma companies optimize therapeutic pipelines using pipeline analysis, market modeling, and forecasting. He co-founded and led an award-winning SaaS-based healthcare medical records data transformation company, and prior to that spent more than 10 years in startup biopharmaceutical discovery research working in neurodegenerative and metabolic diseases.

Kevin received his bachelor’s degrees in Genetics and Molecular Biology from U.C. Berkeley, his Ph.D. from the Department of Physiology and Biophysics from Harvard University, and an MBA in Operations Management from Bentley University.

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