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Emerging Biosensor Technologies Landscape and Market Forecast

Lisheng Gao, Ph.D., Analyst

Lisheng Gao, Ph.D.


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Biosensors offer tremendous promise as rapid, smart, and cheap solutions to detect underlying physiological conditions compared to other incumbent diagnostic techniques. This has led to a plethora of applications for biosensors such as vital signs monitoring, metabolism monitoring, biomarker detections, and disease diagnosis. Yet, many technological and business challenges need to be overcome before biosensors can be used across a wide range of emerging applications especially as it relates to consumer health and wellness.

In this report, we identify five leading health conditions that require emerging wearable biosensors for monitoring. They include cardiovascular health conditions, diabetes, sleep disturbance, stress, and hydration, all of which are highly suited for using wearable biosensors and have good market opportunities in terms of prevalence and incidence.

We then outline recent innovations in this space, discuss challenges that stakeholders will need to overcome, and provide an outlook for the technology and business of biosensors.

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