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Evaluating Technologies for CO2 Removal and Building a Robust Carbon Offset Strategy

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One of the biggest conclusions from the 2022 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report was that achieving any net-zero scenario will require CO2 removal alongside direct emissions reduction. There are several pathways for direct emissions reduction, such as electrification, fuel switching, and even carbon capture from point sources, but they can take time to implement or become commercially viable.

Carbon credits, although sometimes seen as a last-resort option, can help companies manage their near-term emissions and provide a buffer while the other decarbonization strategies commercialize. The challenge facing corporations today is to discern the most effective carbon credit technologies, be aware of their developmental indicators, and protect your company from potential risks tied to carbon credits.

In this e-book, Lux Research provides vital insights that will help you build a robust carbon offset strategy.

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