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Michael Holman

Michael Holman, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Group Director

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This rising sustainability imperative doesn’t imply that corporate leaders should forsake traditional business objectives. Instead, they face a dual mandate: achieving growth and profitability while fulfilling sustainability goals. This new reality makes the role of innovation leaders more challenging, necessitating new skills, frameworks, tools, and insights for sustainable business growth that align with sustainability targets. Understanding the drivers, definitions, pitfalls, and future opportunities in this era is vital for updating innovation processes. Despite the clarity of sustainability drivers, leaders must pinpoint the specific impacts and actions for their organizations. The concept of “Sustainability,” vast and complex, makes building a comprehensive taxonomy difficult.

The Lux Sustainable Innovation Model is designed to help leaders at large companies structure and prioritize their sustainable innovation efforts — ensuring they are addressing the full breadth of opportunities and have the tools needed to succeed.

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